Eduard Serediuc, MTS

Eduard Serediuc, MTS

Bible Teacher & Worship Pastor

Eduard Serediuc is originally from Romania, Eastern Europe. He was born in 1981 in a Christian family and came to saving faith in Christ at the age of fourteen. He had the opportunity to be trained and involved in ministry from a young age in a non-denominational local church planted and pastored by his father. There, he served along the years as a Sunday School teacher, youth pastor, worship pastor, preacher, and teacher of the Word. In 2010, through providential circumstances, Eduard and his wife, Natalia, were led by the Holy Spirit to immigrate to the United States where they lived in different states for 6 years and finalized their education. In 2016, led by the Holy Spirit, they moved to Padua, Italy for about 2 years and were part of the leadership team of International Christian Fellowship church there – Eduard as a worship leader and teacher of the Word, and Natalia as the church administrator.

Eduard received his Bachelor in Computer Science from the Faculty of Computer Science in Iasi, Romania, his Bachelor of Divinity from Grace College of Divinity in Fayetteville, North Carolina, and his Master in Theological Studies from Regent University in Virginia Beach, Virginia. He also graduated from “JGLM Dominion Bible Institute” in Dallas, Texas, from “Acts Ministries International Institute” (Southland church) in Anaheim, California, and from “Operation Solid Lives” discipleship program (The Rock church) in Anaheim, California. He has been working in the IT field as a programmer and database administrator since 2004. For a short while, he also taught Systematic Theology (online distance education) at Grace College of Divinity, Fayetteville, North Carolina.

Eduard and his wife, Natalia, have been happily married since 2007. They now live in Irvine, California, and they have two children. Eduard has a heart to see born again believers gain a deeper understanding of the Gospel of Grace and walk in the fullness of Christ in their daily lives. He envisions believers walking: (1) free of condemnation (Romans 8:1); (2) full of the Holy Spirit’s fruit (Galatians 5:22-23) and gifts (Romans 12:3-8; 1 Corinthians 12:4-11); <a name=”princej”></a>(3) and serving people by healing the sick, raising the dead, and casting out demons (Matthew 10:8). He is passionate about teaching the Word of God and leading God’s people to worship Him in spirit and in truth (John 4:23).

Prince John, PhD

Prince John, PhD

Bible Teacher, Worship Pastor & Songwriter

Prince John is originally from southern India. He was born into a Christian family and came into saving faith at the age of nine. He was an integral part of his church in southern India and would exhort the church with the Word even at a young age. In connection with his education, in 2014, Prince moved to Padua, Italy, for about 4 years, and he and his wife were part of the eldership of International Christian Fellowship church there. In addition, Prince was the worship ministry director and young adults ministry director, and Aneesha was the Children’s ministry coordinator.

Prince received his Ph.D in Statistical Sciences, Masters and Bachelors in Mathematics and loves connecting ideas in Mathematics and Statistics with theology. In addition, Prince also took a Diploma in Bible and doctrine from Global University, Springfield, Missouri. He has been working as an Instructor in Mathematics and Statistics in Vancouver since he moved to Canada.

Prince and Aneesha have been happily married since 2015, and they live in Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada since 2019. They enjoy life together, and love seeing people impacted by the Word of God and receiving the love of God.

Anca Chireac

Anca Chireac

Anca Chireac was born in Iasi, Romania, in 1964, in a family that did not know the Scriptures and did not live according to them. She became a Christian at the age of 27, when she had a personal encounter with Jesus Christ and was regenerated by His Spirit. Since then, the heart of Anca is passionate about the Word of God and about being a voice that brings life, encouragement, power, love and truth. She is integrated into a local church and loves Christian communities, regardless of denomination. Her desire is for the sons and daughters of God to know and live the abundant life promised by Jesus.

Anca still lives in Iași, she has been married to Viorel since 1985 and has two daughters.

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