Debunking Myths About the Sovereignty of God

Is God sovereign? In what way is He sovereign and what does that sovereignty include? What does it mean in practice that God is sovereign? All these are important questions that most of us are not aware of, but all people have an answer inside of them based on which the…

The Sovereignty of God

Sovereignty of God The world is going through one of the greatest crises. People are not able to understand what is going on, and especially how to respond to this. Many of you might be holding on to the promise in Psalm 91 which says that “No plague shall come near you…

Pandemics ARE NOT the Judgment of God

Is COVID-19 the judgment of God for the world? Does God still judge the nations in the New Testament by plagues, viruses, or diseases? This is a question that lingers in the minds of many Christians and pastors during perilous times. Is God judging the nations because t…
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