Eduard Serediuc - March 21, 2019

Session 18 - The Tenacity of Faith

The eighteenth session of the "Divine Healing Series" concludes the discussion about spiritual violence by teaching how to develop a tenacity of faith. Then, a new big chapter commences on the main law of the Kingdom of God and that is: sowing the seed of the Word of God and the different types of grounds on which it falls.

From Series: "Divine Healing"

Is divine healing freely and fully included in the Gospel, and in Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross, side by side with forgiveness of sins, justification, and sanctification? Is divine healing the perfect will of God for anyone, anytime, anywhere or is it something that God grants randomly only to whom He wants, whenever He feels like it or whenever believers beg Him enough? Does God teach through sickness? These are some of the questions that this teaching series will try to answer.

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